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Straight from the canes!

The unrefined goodness retained in every grain and the most natural form of sugar you can ever taste.

GMO Free

Milled, Not Refined

Sulphur/ Phosphate Free Process

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Kesari Patented Technology

The Truth that's not bitter.

A technology that's disruptive & advocates healthier sugar choices for people around the globe.

The sugar produced through Nucane technology retains the authentic qualities of sugar with low GI levels by slower absorption of glucose in the bloodstreams that promotes blood sugar level reductions & claims natural antioxidant benefits.

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Golden USPs

<55 GI 25% lower GI

Mineral & Antioxidants

Diabetic Friendly

Golden ticket to healthy life - Kesari Golden Sugar

We know how much we Indians like sweets & sugar, knowing that Indians have always been concerned about consuming processed sugar with high GI levels & carbohydrates; Kesari offers a brand new range of healthier sugar with a glycemic index as low as 55 & with natural minerals & antioxidants.

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Media Presence

Progressive Grocer

FoodService India, the Indian edition of foodService Europe & Middle East, is India's most authoritative trade publication on the HoReCa sector in India.

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Tatva launches Kesari Gold Sugar FOODHEALTH-WELLNESS Life & More

Tatva Health and Wellness has launched ‘Kesari Golden Sugar’ an unrefined and naturally low GI sugar

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Tatva Health & Wellness Launches India's 1St Naturally Low GI Sugar

Tatva Health and Wellness, one of the leading food companies launches Kesari Golden Sugar" an Unrefined

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Tatva Health & Wellness launches India’s 1st Naturally Low GI Sugar

Speaking at a press meet, Mr.Sachin Jain, Managing Director, Tatva said “Consumers post pandemic have become

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Tatva Health & Wellness launches India’s 1st Naturally Low GI Sugar

We partnered with Nucane, Australia, and with their global patented technology,

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Kesari Golden Sugar | ದೇಶದ ಮೊದಲ ರಾಸಾಯನಿಕ ಮುಕ್ತ, ಶುದ್ಧ, ಆರೋಗ್ಯ ಪೂರ್ಣ “ಕೇಸರಿ ಗೋಲ್ಡನ್ ಶುಗರ್” ಬಿಡುಗಡೆ

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Golden Testimonials

Shreya Meher

Weekends are my baking time. I used to buy Brown Sugar to bake but the strong taste used to change the taste of bakes. I tried the Kesari Golden Sugar. The mild caramel taste is amazing and its free flow!!

Akash P K

I've always been a sugar lover, but I was looking for a healthier option that wouldn't compromise on taste. Golden Sugar is the perfect solution. It's sweet, natural, and packed with beneficial nutrients. I've made the switch and haven't looked back since

Sonakshi Raina

Golden Sugar has been a game-changer for me. As someone who loves sweet things, I've struggled to find a sweetener that I can use without feeling guilty. Golden Sugar is the answer!


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Golden Sugar

The sugar you don’t need to worry about!

Another great thing about Kesari Golden Sugar is that it is rich in antioxidants. These are beneficial for the body as they protect against cell damage caused by free radicals. These antioxidants also aid in reducing inflammation in the body, which can be helpful to manage serious medical conditions such as arthritis and heart disease.

Healthy Sugar Alternative

The Tale Of Golden Sugar: More Than Just Sweetness

Manufactured and processed using Ttava’s patented Nucane technology, The kesari golden sugar has been launched into the market with the aim of providing a healthier lifestyle. Being An unrefined sugar that is Low in GI, it is free of phosphate and sulfur and rich in antioxidants.

Golden Sugar

How Golden Sugar Fits into a Low-GI Diet

Kesari Golden Sugar is a relatively new product in the market that is becoming increasingly popular among health-conscious individuals. It is a low-GI (glycemic index) sugar substitute made from pure raw sugar cane that is unrefined and unbleached.


Discover the pinnacle of nourishment through Kesari Golden sugar meticulously crafted to perfection this unrefined, GMO free sugar offers a sweet escape for those seeking a diabetic-friendly alternative and brown sugar for diabetics. Its low glycaemic index (GI) keeps blood sugar levels in check, making it the best natural sugar for diabetics.

Kesari Golden Sugar is unrefined, unbleached, and contains no additives or preservatives. It’s unrefined sugar properties makes it a safer sugar options for people across all ages groups. Furthermore, it serves as an outstanding energy source and is enriched with antioxidants and essential minerals, capable of fortifying your immune system.

Kesari Golden sugar the sugar that comes with added benefits, supports overall well-being along with taste. Elevate your culinary creations and daily beverages with the golden touch of health. Make Kesari Golden Sugar your choice – India’s first naturally low GI Sugar.

Discover the perfect sugar substitute